Complete offer

Through the complete offer of the group, we not only provide you a product but a real solution to your needs. Our strength is:
- our ability to link our know-how and yours,
- our ability to offer a clear solution, adapted to your needs, considering all the issues generated by each technology.

  • A project team
    A project team is dedicated to you in order to provide the best support for your product’s development. Around a sales leader and a technical project manager, a team of specialists for each technology takes part in each steps of the product development: Design Office, moulds conception, quality development, manufacturing, production and recycling. 


  • Combined technologies for a complete offer
    We are not only able to consider the own issues of each technology, but also to coordinate them to provide a subassembly solution for your functional need. 


  • Co-development
    With a personalised and long term partnership, our group offer to co-develop your new products and to benefit our technical expertise and our expertise in Regulatory Affairs. With our high tech equipments located in the same industrial zone, we have a real “techno center”, where we validate our tests.


  • Sustainable development
    Our complete offer includes also solutions for industrial wastes management: we integrate this issue since the beginning of the project.

Our first service:

A complete support for a turn key solution!

A single contact for your global project


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