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Lo-g Packaging, an innovative, sustainable and cost effective protective packaging

Designed and manufactured by Cartolux-Thiers, a company expert in packaging since 1927, Lo-g packaging is an innovative solution including thermoformed impact absorption features into the internal packaging unit. An ergonomic transport packaging which ensure stable stacking. suitable for many markets (electronics, beverages and others). Packaging rewarded in thin gauge thermoforming at the 9th European Thermoforming Conference held in Prague in june 2014.


More information, click on this link to download the brochure.

UNICADOSE, the ultra-clean plastic vials

UNICADOSE is an alternative to glass vial, which is unbreakable, safe, cost-effective and sustainable. Plastic vial manufactured in cleanroom, UNICADOSE provides no dangerous particle on opening, which ensures patient safety.

More information, click on this link to download the brochure

Top Clean Seal, more than a machine, easy and secure sealing assured

A single supplier for an ultra-clean sealable packaging system:
- a complete medical packaging (design and manufacture of blisters, foam, lids and boxes)
- a range of sealing machines suitable to your needs and your sealable format (Cartolux 400, Cartolux 500 and Cartolux 600)
- Additional services as the packaging validation (IQ, OQ, PQ).

First prize for Lo-g Packaging

During the 5th European Thermoforming Parts Competition in Prague (from 3 – 4 April 2014), the Society of Plastics Engineers rewards Lo-g Packaging in the thin gauge category for electronical applications.

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